GPS Joe Vanished Whilst On a Hike

We have preserved GPS Joe’s domain name for prosperity. We have also been able to trawl through the internet and save some of the pictures Joe uploaded for others to enjoy. The images from Timpanogos Peak in Utah (displayed at the top of this listing) were the last images GPS Joe ever uploaded. These were taken on the 23rd September 2010 and GPS Joe was reported missing on November 15th 2010. GPS Joe (Joe Domin) was a popular hiker and being retired regularly went on hikes to various places. He would upload shots of his hikes to the now-closed Webshots website. Joe was last heard from on November 7th 2010. It was believed Joe was hiking the Mount Peeley trail. His vehicle was found at the Mount Peeley trailhead.

GPS Joe Vanished

GPS Joe Vanished

Joe had planned to go on this hike in a group but they were unable to attend so he went on his own. Joe didn’t leave any itinerary or plans and had already been missing 8 days when the alarm was raised. This is an extraordinary amount of time for someone to be out in the wild. How can someone be missing for so long without anyone noticing? Anyway, On the 16th of November, the hunt for Joe started. Initially, 12 search and rescue team members, a helicopter, and 2 canine units were brought in to hike and search to the Mount Peeley Summit and explore the surrounding area. The initial search did not produce any clues and over the next 5 days, an extensive area was searched. It was noted that Joe liked to hike off-trail. From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st the hiking community got involved in the search. Joe was a well-known user of the Hike Arizona and Arizona Hikers websites. Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Mountain Rescue/ Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association reminded the community;

It seems as though many of you would like to venture in to the area to search for Joe. Although we can not restrict you from doing so, please be aware of the following issues:
-As untrained searchers, it is likely that you could destroy any evidence of his presence by being in the area.
-The area is very challenging, do not go somewhere that is hazardous. We don’t want anyone to get injured as this will delay the on-going search.
-If you do decide to search for him and you find him, please do not approach him or touch him or his equipment in any way. This will inhibit our ability to conduct an investigation in to the incident.
-If you do find him, contact the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office immediately and mark the location with your gps. Return to the trailhead and wait for a responding Deputy.
-I recommend that you wait until after the weekend as we will have many resources in the area and need access to the trailhead, which is very small and has limited parking. We also may need it to land our helicopter. If your vehicle is in the parking lot, we will not be able to use it.

After 5 days the official search ended but unofficial searches by the community continued and failed to provide any further clues.

12 Years & Nothing

As of writing this, it’s been over 12 years and nothing has still turned up. In the last pictures GPS Joe uploaded. The meta data states the photos were taken using an OLYMPUS E-PL1. Here are the technical details of the shots;

    f stop:F/4.0
    Exposure:1/60 sec.
    Focal length:9.0 mm
    Metering mode:pattern (5)

This equipment will still be out there somewhere along with his shoes, clothes and bones. Joe was 68 years old. It sounds like he’s either had a medical issue or more likely suffered an accident off-trail. Once you get off trail the area is thick with brush. Here are some of the pictures Joe uploaded before he vanished.

Devil’s Bridge – 26th Oct 2009

Angel Basin – Nov 13 2006


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Last Known Location

Mount Peeley Trailhead, Payson, AZ, USA

Additional info

Reported Missing

15th November 2010

Date Found


Last Sighting

7th November 2010

Found Location


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