We have limited information on Brandon Lamont Brownlee or how he became missing. If you can assist with factual information to add to this listing please contribute. Send any updates to site″at”

Brandon Lamont Brownlee went missing from the area around Eldora Mountain Resort where his vehicle was found parked. Brownless was 6′ 0”, Weighing: 280 lbs. He may have been wearing camouflage-print Hunter clothes and had a grey frame backpack. He had left his home on June 15th 2018 at around 3 a.m and was last seen at a trailhead near Ovando, MT. His vehicle was found abandoned with the driver’s side window smashed at the trailhead. Authorities believe he walked along the Jenny Creek Trail until it met up with Young’s Creek. He has never been seen since.


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Last Known Location

Powell County, MT, USA

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Reported Missing

June 15th 2018

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