Bruce Pike was a hard man to try to research. Nowhere could I find a single newspaper article about him. How does this happen? Didn’t this man have family or friends who were looking for him? You wouldn’t even know he existed. There is no voter information, no criminal records, not even an address. So, if you cant find out any more information about Bruce Pike and how he came to be missing at Indian Creek Campground claim this listing and write him up!

Bruce Parker Pike was 46 years old when he went missing from Indian Creek Campground. He was last seen on August 2cd 2006. His vehicle was found abandoned but I don’t know where. So annoying!

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Last Known Location

Indian Creek Campground, Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA

Additional info

Reported Missing

2cd Aug 2006

Date Found

Last Sighting

Indian Creek Campground

Found Location

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