Oscar Florence Hintta was 69 years old Hunter. He was hunting deer when he went missing on 16th November 1988. Hintta was with a friend along Forest Service Road 1100 in Ottawa National Forest. Hintta went one way and his friend the other with the intention of meeting back up at the vehicle at 1 PM. When Hintta never returned his friend reported him missing a few hours later.

Oscar Florence Hintta Missing

It was known Oscar Florence Hintta was 5’0″ – 6’0″ tall. 130 – 210 lbs with grey hair. At the time Oscar Florence Hintta went missing he was believed to be carrying a 30-06 calibre Weatherby or Sako rifle with scope. He was wearing a hunter-orange jacket, pants, hat, & gloves and had Sorel hunting boots. The search for Hintta lasted 3 days before a freak weather storm moved into the area. This weather event dumped record-breaking rail fall on the area before it turned to heavy, wet snow.

Hintta was a diabetic with a heart condition, he was never seen or heard from again. No trace of Hintta or his clothing. His hunting rifle has never been found.

Oscar Florence Hintta Missing Says

Another Hunter, that has gone missing after leaving his friend for a few hours never to be seen again. What’s more strange is nothing was ever found. Not that orange top of his rifle which will last forevermore out there in Ottawa National Forest.



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Last Known Location

Usfs 1100, Trout Creek, MI 49967, USA

Additional info

Reported Missing

16th Novemebr 1988

Date Found

Last Sighting

USFA 1100

Found Location

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