We have limited information on Peter Dwight Germain or how he vanished. If you can assist with factual information to add to this listing please contribute. Send any updates to site″at”

Peter Dwight Germain vanished from a remote cabin about 40 miles west of Trapper Creek. He enjoyed solitude, living in a cabin in the wilderness on his own. Germain was 76 years old, 5’5 160 Ibs. His only method of communication with the outside world was via a Garmin inReach satellite communicator. He was last heard from via text message on 25 February 2020. Reports state he may have gone to chop wood near his Cabin, this is total speculation. A check of this area didn’t find anything. His Garmin inReach was inside his cabin. Says

This is the second person in our database who had a Personal Locator Beacon. (PBL) Clearly, Peter was out without his PBL when something happened to him. This area is so remote there are no roads so I doubt it was anything Human that did this to Germain. It’s more likely he had a medical issue or fell into some water but that does not explain why he was not found. He wasn’t known to be suffering from any medical conditions.

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