Allen Clarence Theis went missing from Lewistown, Montanna on the 22cd of November 2003. Theis was on vacation from Eden Valley, Minnesota. He wanted to hunt near the Upper Missouri River Breaks. He told his mother he would return by the end of the month or sooner. Allen Clarence Theis checked into the Super 8 motel in Lewistown on 22cd November 2003 and was due to checkout on the 24th. He still had not checked out on the 26th of November 2003 so the police were called and he was reported as missing.

Allen Clarence Theis was 52 years old when he went missing. He was described as 5’10, 160 Ibs with Gray hair and hazel eyes. Theis was an exceptional outdoorsman. He had worked for Geocomm, a global positioning system company, for ten years before going missing. His employer described him as a responsible employee. A search plane found his truck parked near the Stafford Ferry on the Missouri River, with his empty rifle case and a pair of boots on the floor. No other evidence of his whereabouts was ever found, Theis Vanished. Says

Here’s another Hunter that has gone missing in the Wild. Is this just a simple accident? Why have we not found him or his equipment?


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Last Known Location

Lloyd Rd, Winifred, MT 59489, USA

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Reported Missing

22cd November 2003

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