Connie Johnson went missing from a base camp in the area of Big Rock near Fog Mountain. Connie was 76 years old when she went missing and was possibly wearing a green shirt, green pants and Kenetrek hiking boots. Connie was an exceptionally experienced outdoorswoman. Her friends state “This is a woman who spent literally the last 25 years of her life – most of them – on foot in the wilderness”.  She had previously worked as a wilderness ranger for the U.S. Forest Service and as a guide for youth explorer programs. Connie was employed as a camp cook for Richie Outfitters, which organizes hunting trips in the Montana and Idaho wilderness.

Connie Johnson Goes Missing

Connie was last seen on the 2nd of October 2018 at the camp with her dog Ace before the hunters left on a day and night trip. The next day the hunters had radio contact from Connie but they were unable to understand what she was saying. Some state this was because of a weak signal but that’s speculation. This would be the last contact anyone had with Connie Johnson. When the hunters returned to camp on the 5th of October 2018 Connie and her dog Ace were missing. Connie’s coat was at camp under her coat was her gun. The hunters reported her missing the same day.

The search for Connie would last 3 weeks and cover hundreds of square miles. Searchers used humans and canines together with FLIR, helicopters and a Forest Service plane. Nothing on Connie was ever found. The search for Connie was called off on the 16th of October 2018. Three weeks later, Connie’s dog Ace was found wandering at the Moose Creek ranger station. That’s about fifteen miles from the campsite Connie Johnson went missing from. Ace was underweight but in good health. Searchers packed Ace into a plane to get him checked over by a Vet and then brought him back to the camp thinking he may take them to Connie but this failed. Ace showed no interest. Says

This really is weird. Connie went missing on the same day as Terrence Woods. About 40 miles south of Big Rock. Terrance was never found either. We don’t actually know when Connie went missing. I suspect it was right after the communication via Radio. To me, she would only be using that Radio if she had a problem or Emergency. I don’t think the Radio was ever found. Could that mean she hurt herself or someone or something attacked her? Let us know in the Vanished Forums.

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Last Known Location

Big Rock Mountain, Idaho 83539, USA

Additional info

Reported Missing

5th October 2018

Date Found

Last Sighting

Big Rock

Found Location

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