Daniel Lynn Campbell vanished from the Hellroaring Creek Trailhead in Yellow Stone National Park on 6th April 1991 after being dropped off there by a friend there. Daniel had his 1-year-old dog with him and he was from Big Timber, Montana. He was 47 years old, 5’7, 130 Ibs. Daniel was apparently planning to hike to Jardine, Montana. He had illegally collected and cached some Elk antlers along the way. He was planning to sell them. He has started to do this because he was planning on moving to White Sulphur Springs. Around the time Daniel vanished it had started to snow.

Daniel Lynn Campbell never arrived in Jardine and on the 9th of April, a search was launched. Nothing was ever found of Campbell or his dog. The family would later employ a private detective because they thought the authorities were not doing enough to find him. In July of 1991, his brother would speak out saying,

“If Dan’s in the park, he’s buried, I don’t think Dan is alive. How that demise came, well, I’ve got a lot of mixed emotions about it.”

The family thought Daniel Lynn Campbell was murdered. The National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, FBI and Park and Sweet Grass counties all investigated Campbell’s disappearance and nothing else was ever found. Says

After Daniel Lynn Campbell vanished A freedom of information request. (See additional Information to right) doesn’t really show much. They redacted a lot of information because this is an open case but right at the end of the report on page 47 it states something new happened in 2016. We don’t know what that was because it’s been redacted but it was significant enough to prompt new investigations. Nothing else was ever released. This case caught my attention because the dog was never found. In most cases, the dog turns up days or even weeks later. I always assumed this was because a dog’s reactions are lightning-fast allowing them to escape situations when something unexpected happens. In this case, though something weird went on. What do you think?


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Hellroaring Creek, Yellowstone National Park, United States

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