We have limited information on David Paul Morrison and why he went missing in Yosemite. If you have any updates or factual information on Donald Buchanan please email site”-at-“

David Paul Morrison was with a group of friends in Yosemite National Park on 25th May 1998. He was 5’9, 150Ibs and wore a grey long-sleeved University of California @ Santa Cruz sweatshirt, a white t-shirt, black sweatpants or faded navy blue shorts, Nike Air sneakers and a black, green and yellow Osprey fanny pack. His mother, Susan Quinn said “He had a little fanny pack in it was his credit card, we always thought someday one of those things would be found,” “I guess in my heart I thought someday that is going to show up, somebody is going to find it, but then they would have to know to turn it in and that is the difference.”

David was fit and healthy when he went missing but he wasn’t equipped for an overnight trip at the time of his disappearance; neither was he dressed for the cold, wet weather.

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Last Known Location

Half Dome, California, USA

Additional info

Reported Missing

25th May 1998

Date Found

Last Sighting

Yosemite Valley

Found Location

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