Jeffrey’s case is one of those cases that doesn’t have much information. I searched the newspapers for the years around 1974. I could only find one article with a few lines in it about Jeffrey. So if you can help fill out the details in this article or any article on the website click the claim button on the listing. Jeffrey Michael Bratcher lived with his mother Gayle Bratcher in Mesquite, Texas. His parents were divorced and his mother had full custody of Jeffrey.

On the 15th of June 1974, Jeffrey and his siblings had been brought up to Ocean Shores, Washington visiting his father and stepmother. They were camping and the Children and Adults had their own areas. The children had been told that food would be prepared for 7 PM and they should return to the adult’s area by this time.  As this time approached, Jeffrey told the other children he was going to take another trail back to the adult’s area and they separated (point of separation). But this would be the last confirmed sighting. The children arrived back to the adults but Jeffrey Michael Bratcher was noticed as missing.

Jeffrey Michael Bratcher Reported Missing

Jeffrey was reported missing and a search started immediately. There are not a lot of details about the search but bloodhounds were brought in. They suspect his scent was found and it tracked a path that lead out of the park to the pavement. This made the authorities suspect Jeffrey was abducted but no evidence of this would ever be found. There are no reports of any other searches apart from with dogs which suggest the police didn’t think it was worth combing the park for Jeffrey. It was suspected Jeffery was either abducted or fall into the Ocean. Jeffrey Bratcher is still missing.


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Last Known Location

Ocean Shores, WA, USA

Additional info

Reported Missing

15th of June 1974

Date Found

Last Sighting

Ocean Shores

Found Location

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