The listings for John Gunn and Kenneth Klein are the same. That’s so we ensure we record 2 people as Vanishing. Kenneth Klein remains missing.

The cases involving John Gunn and Kenneth Klein are extremely strange. When I think about these two cases I can’t help but think of the supernatural. John Gunn went missing at 19 and was from Richmond, California and Kenneth Klein was 23 from Sanantonio. Both were employees of the Yosemite Park and Curry Co. service station in Yosemite Valley a Chevron. They hadn’t known each other long but had developed a great friendship through working together at the service station. On the 28th of July 1967, both were considering hiking to Yosemite Falls. On the day of 28th July 1967 around 10.30 am, they spoke to a third person and arranged a possible meeting at Yosemite Falls. This would be the last confirmed sighting of John Gunn and Kenneth Klein.

John Gunn Missing In Yosemite

On the evening of 28th July 1967, John was working the evening shift at 11 PM but he failed to turn up for his shift. When both of them never turned up for work on the 29th and their roommate mentioned he had not seen them. They were reported as missing.

At the time the Yosemite Sentinal reported;

“Ken Klein, 23, and John Gunn, 19, salesmen at Yosemite Lodge Chevron were considering a hike to Pinnacle Peak when they were last seen on Friday, July 28, at 10:30 a.m. They had talked to a Seventh Day Adventist Minister who was also planning to hike and they agreed on a possible rendezvous at the top. In any case, the men were planning to return before dinner, as John had to work the late shift, beginning at 11:00 p.m. When neither of the two reported in for work on Saturday, July 29, and their roommate, Greg Jackson, informed officials that they were not in the tent Friday night, a search party
was formed.”

That search turned up some clues. Ken’s vehicle was parked behind the gas station and John’s motorcycle was found a mile west of El Capitan Bridge. Speculation is that they drove the bike to where they would come out so they could ride it back. Let’s look at this on a map.

Location of Evidence



  • The vehicle was found at the service station. This was demolished in 1995 but was located near the village store. This is marked with a black box.
  • The Motorcycle was found around the green area. I can’t be sure exactly where but that’s the general area.
  • John’s body would be found in the red area.

Searchers searched for one week. The official search lasted until 5th August 1967. During this time a massive area was covered using humans and canines. Nothing else was ever found. Then, on the 5th of September 1967, John Gunn’s body was found in a pool at Yosemite Falls. Two brothers found the body floating. The body had khaki shorts and tennis shoes. The Madera Tribune reported the following Wednesday, the 7th;

Man’s Body Recovered In Yosemite

YOSEMITE (UPI) The body of an unidentified man was recovered late Tuesday from a deep pool just above Yosemite Falls. An eight-man team of forest rangers, with the aid of a helicopter, recovered the decomposed body which was clad only in khaki shorts and tennis shoes. The body was sighted Monday by Dennis Runyan, 18, and his brother, Ronald, 14, in El Monte. Park officials believed the body was one of two men missing since July 28. They were John Gunn, 19, Richmond, and Kenneth Klein, 23, San Antonio. Tex., summer employees in Yosemite Valley. A search for (the men was discontinued about a month ago after they had disappeared while hiking to the top of Yosemite Falls. Gunn’s father was summoned in an effort to identify the body, which was taken to a Madera funeral home. Authorities also checked dental records.

The autopsy report on the body found;

  • They had a broken neck
  • They had drowned

So let’s get this straight. John Gunn went missing on the 29th of July 1967 and his body was found in a pool at Yosemite Falls (marked in red on the map) on the 5th of September 1967. That’s 38 days. He was found in a pool that is visited regularly. Every day by multiple people. It would be impossible for his body to be in there for 38 days and no one sees him. The area had also been searched multiple times by search and rescue the previous month. So;

  • Where was John Gunn between 29th July 1967 and 5th September 1967?
  • How did he break his neck?
  • Where are the rest of his clothes?
  • How did he drown?
  • Where is his friend Kenneth Klein?

No other clues have ever been found in the case of either John Gunn going missing or Kenneth Klein. No clothes have been found or bones. says

There is no way that body was in that pool for 38 days. If you look at this area on Google Earth you can see the pools that are mentioned. The link is in the additional information section to the right. If his body was submerged it would have floated within 3 to 4 days of it entering the water at the most. As the body decomposes internally it produces gasses, these gasses bloat the body, mainly the stomach and chest and act as a floatation device. So how did he get in that pool? There are only two realistic options. He was placed there or his body was upstream and flowed into the pool. I checked historical weather for this period and there was a drizzle recorded from 22cd August 1967 to the 31st August 1967. I still think this is pretty far out there because if you look at the area There would have to be a flood for a body to flow into the back pool from above. It’s just too rocky.

The reports state he had a broken neck but he died from drowning. Did he have a broken neck when he went into the water or did this happen after he died? we will likely never know.  But. if you jump 6 meters above the water, you will hit the water at about 25 MPH. That’s enough to break bones. However, we already know he was not in that pool in the days leading up to his body being found. This would seem to debunk the theory he flowed into the water from above.

What do you think happened here? There appears to be no logical explanation as to what happened to John Gunn. why he went missing, how he died or where Kenneth Klein is.

Vanished Forums

What do you think happened here? There appears to be no logical explanation as to what happened to John Gunn. why he went missing, how he died or where Kenneth Klein is. I’m getting a lot of mail so I thought it would be a great idea to create a forum. If you can contribute or want to add/correct any information join the Vanished Forums.

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Last Known Location

Yosemite Valley Visitors Center, Yosemite Valley, CA 95389, USA

Additional info

Reported Missing

29th July 1967

Date Found

Last Sighting

Yosemite Village

Found Location

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