Ruthanne Ruppert Missing From Yosemite Medical Clinic

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We have limited information on Ruthanne Ruppert and why she went missing in Yosemite. If you have any updates or factual information on Ruthanne Ruppert please email site”-at-“

Ruthanne Ruppert Missing In Yosemite

Ruthanne Ruppert was 49 years old and 5’5, 140 Ibs. She had Brown hair, brown eyes. One of her eyes was fake. She had a prosthetic eye. She was last seen at Yosemite Medical Clinic at Yosemite National Park at 12:00 PM on 14th August 2000. Ruthanne had planned to go on a backpacking trip but had postponed this due to medical reasons. Search and rescue would later think she went on day hike from Yosemite Falls to the Foresta area of the park. She has never been seen again.

In 2008, hikers would find a backpack that belonged to Ruthanne. It was located in the Fireplace Creek drainage area of the park. Searches would later rappel down a cliff face and also find a chewed boot. Nothing else has been found of Ruthanne. Ruthanne Ruppert remains missing in Yosemite National Park


This map shows Ruthanne’s expected route and the area where her backpack and boot was found. Says

It’s interesting that she had postponed a trip due to medical reasons and it’s interesting that she was last seen in Yosemite Village near the Medical Centre. Maybe it’s due to this medical issue that she went missing. It’s really weird that nothing was ever found of her. Even if her body had decomposed we would still find her eye and some of her clothes. She is clearly dead and the fact her boot was found chewed would suggest animals decided to feed on her. What do you think? A number of people have gone missing in Yosemite, take a look.

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Last Known Location

9000 Ahwahnee Drive, Yosemite Valley, CA 95389, USA

Additional info

Reported Missing

14th August 2000

Date Found

Last Sighting

Yeosemite Medical Centre

Found Location

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