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Tom Opperman was last seen at Merced Lake on the 8th of August 1967. He had plans to hike from Merced Lake to Mount Clark then Glacier Point and back to Yosemite Valley on the 10th of August 1967. When Opperman never returned a search was launched to locate him. During the search, canines were used and 16 Marines were brought in to search the Merced Lake, Mount Clark and Glacier Point areas. The search lasted until 15 August 1967. Tom Opperman remains missing and none of his personal items was ever located.

Interestingly, Tom Opperman went missing around the same time as other notable disappearances. Those include John Gunn, Kenneth Klein. Out of the three cases, only one has even been found and that was John Gunn who was found in a location that had been searched multiple times. He drowned and had a broken neck. In 1981 Stacy Arras would go missing in the same area as Tom. She literally vanished from the face of the earth and was never found.

Tom Opperman Missing

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Last Known Location

Merced Lake, California, USA

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Reported Missing

10th of August 1967

Date Found

Last Sighting

Merced Lake

Found Location

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