Walter Reinhard Missing In Yosemite

Walter Reinhard went missing from the White Wolf area of the park on September 19th 2002. Walter was 5’8, 145 pounds, 66 years old and a veteran of Vietnam. He was from Oro Valley. He was highly experienced in anything outdoors. He went through survival training, did two tours of Vietnam and after leaving the armed forces became a deputy. When he retired he kept healthy by hiking. On his door at home hung a sign saying “Gone Hiking”. His cousin, said, “He had arrived at Yosemite on the 17th at 4:11 PM and filled up the car.” The family know this by tracking the purchases on his credit card. The last time his card was used would be 19th September 2002 at a motel in Yosemite.

The family continued “As a marine with two tours of duty and training in survival, he would come out on his fingernails.” That is if he could. “We come back to the original thought. Was there any foul play involved? (Park Rangers) say they see no indication of that.” In fact, Oscar says, search crews see no indication of Walter. “We really don’t know what went on, but we know something must be seriously wrong.” Walters vehicle was found the same day he was reported missing at the White Wolf Trailhead. He has never been found. Says

It’s really hard to make a call on this one. He was described as being fit and healthy and was clearly very experienced in life. This leads me to think something really serious went on. He’s either fallen off a cliff or had a medical emergency on the trail. The problem with this is why was he never found. Dogs couldn’t find him and nothing has turned up over the years. He’s another person who has vanished from Yosemite. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last Known Location

White Wolf Rd, TUOLUMNE MEADOWS, CA 95389, USA

Additional info

Reported Missing

September 19th 2002

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