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Vanished Tags

Information about Vanished Tags and Vanished Profile Characteristics

On the Vanished website we can group cases together by Vanished tags and by Vanished Profile Characteristics. These are very similar but have different objectives. David Politis first noticed a lot of similarities between cases and he developed a profile called the 411 Profile. We are not going to go into detail about this here but we wanted to know what this looked like graphically.

Profile Characteristics

On each case, there is a section called Profile Characteristics. This is basically the 411 profile. You can search cases by each characteristic which allows us to see which cases in the local or national area match. We can see this on the interactive map and the more cases we log the more of a pattern we should be able to see.

Characteristic Meaning

Here’s a legend as to what each characteristic means.

  • Adverse Weather – Bad weather was reported around the time the person went missing
  • Area Already Searched – The person was found in an area already searched
  • Boulder Field – Person was found or went missing near a boulder field
  • Canine Can’t Track – Dogs can not pick up the scent of the person
  • Camping – Person was camping (A disproportionate number of campers go missing. Just look at the list!)
  • Child – Person was a child
  • Female – The person was female
  • Fitness – The person was physically fit
  • Granite – The person went missing or was found near Granite
  • Hiker – The person was Hiking
  • Hunter – The person was a Hunter
  • Late Afternoon – The person vanished late afternoon

You can search by multiple characteristics if required.

Vanished Tags

Vanished Tags work the same way but not all tags will match the 411 profile. For example, if we want to list all of the people who are still missing and have not been found we can. The URL https://www.vanished.us/listing-tag/missing/ will display this information.

We can also list just the cases where someone has vanished suddenly. The Vanished tag is used for this. https://www.vanished.us/listing-tag/vanished/

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